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Proud member of HSV Arts Council

Retired Board Members

l-r rear-Dale Anderson, Ed Miller, Rowe Huggins
frt-Norm Morton, Dot Thomas, Lloyd Stevens

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HSV Concerts Association Board of Directors...

Standing:(l-r)Kathy Sherman, Chuck Tull, Jo West, Paul Bridges, Dick Clement, Jim Adams, Paul Mefford, Wally Newburn, Jeanne Meek, Sheila Cosby, Ray Barber &
Becky Winham.

Sitting:(l-r)Darla Hollansworth, Carol Freeland, Gary Sellers, Sue Smith & Becky Mason.The Officers

2016-2017 Board Officers

‚ÄčCarol Freeland, President
Jo West, Vice President, Membership
Chuck Tull, Vice President, Marketing
Sheila Cosby, Treasurer
Paul Bridges, Secretary
Rita Bohn, Artistic Manager

2016-2017 Board of Directors

Jim Adams Ray Barber
Dick Clement Darla Hollansworth
Becky Mason Jeanne Meek
Paul Mefford Wally Newburn
Gary Sellers Kathy Sherman
Sue Smith Becky Winham